The Wedge-Les™ is an innovative new tool that can be used in multiple applications ranging from professional moving crews, delivery professionals, custodial and catering teams or anyone who wants to make their job easier by safely holding open any size door with an automatic closure. The Wedge-Les™ eliminated the need of wedging a block under or into the hinge pocket, ultimately saving you the repair costs associated with unsightly chipped or dented areas on wooden or metal doors.

Not only is the Wedge-Les™ expertly designed to easily hold open a door using only the force of the closer device, it also eliminates the need to physically bend down to insert a woodblock under the door. The Wedge-Les™ handle is ergonomically designed to keep you more productive.

Shipping & Handling for the Wedge-Les is $10 for the first and $0.75 for each additional Wedge-Les.