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IK Corp’s products have been featured in some of the premier higher education and facilities and maintenance publications.

Cleaning & Maintenance Management

“CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® magazine, which was founded in 1963 and is the oldest title serving the industry. It is ranked first in its field in ad pages. Circulation exceeds 40,000, a third more than any other audited publication targeting this readership”
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We all have toilets at our campuses and businesses and we have read articles and attended seminars on how best to clean them. If toilets are not clean, the rest of your restroom will not look its best and will become a source of customer complaints. If your cleaners are using the “glug, glug, swish and flush” method, then they should stop immediately. They are wasting two of your most valuable resources – labor and cleaning supplies – by not using them to their fullest potential…

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The Gazette (Cedar Rapids-Iowa City, IA)

The Gazette is Iowa’s second largest daily newspaper with a daily readership of over 170,000.

Colleges brag about advances, inventions and accomplishments made on campus: diseases cured, symphonies composed, theories posited. And sometimes, you just have a lot of toilets to clean. “It’s time-consuming, and not really where you want to be,” said Les Ollinger, associate director of facilities management at Grinnell College…

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Grinnell Magazine

Les Ollinger is a thinker.

He thinks up ways to make life simpler. Ollinger is the associate director of facilities management, and he focuses on the areas of procurement, operations, and custodial work.

Ollinger has made life easier for College custodians with his patented invention, the Dry Flush. With one or two pumps of the handle, this lightweight device empties the toilet bowl of water so the cleaning agents work better.

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