About the Inventor

I have worked in facilities management for 20 years. For the past six years I have been an Associate Director over custodial services. I am always thinking of ways to streamline productivity, including inventing and customizing custodial equipment to reduce labor burden. Essentially, I try to empower custodial staff to work smarter, enabling more square footage coverage per custodian.Les Ollinger

In trying to clean stains and water “rings” from toilet bowls, it is necessary to lower the water level in the bowl to expose the water stains and to prevent dilution of the cleaning chemical. The previous method was to use a bowl mop and force the water down the trap with repeated up and down motion. This was time consuming and caused the bowl water to splash out. Also, this required kneeling down or bending over, which was awkward and unpleasant.

Customers will benefit by saving valuable time by quickly lowering the water level with one or two quick strokes of the dryflush®. The dryflush® lowers the water level more sufficiently than the bowl mop method, which also exposes more of the stained area to the cleaning chemical. Besides benefiting custodians (or homeowners), this tool is a great benefit for plumbers. When pulling a toilet for repair, replacement or drain line cleaning, the dryflush® enables a plumber to evacuate the water quicker and more effectively than other methods. It also makes for a much cleaner job.

-Les Ollinger, inventor
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